Home Automation

controlled smart home

Home Automation is no more dream in Pakistan. Our smart automation solutionsfor your homes just simplify your life. You can take control of all your electrical appliances at your phone or tablet.

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networking and it solutions

We provide best services in networking including routers, servers and switches configurations.

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Solar Powerenergy

Solar strength is a natural supply of renewable energy, this capability we will never run out of it. Going solar will assist you save hundreds of rupees on electrical energy payments monthly, and how lots you can keep relies upon on the measurement of the photo voltaic system and your usage.

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Security and Surveillance

Safe and secure environment has become crucial especially in today’s environment. For any business or any home security is a basic need.Security and surveillance solutions in Pakistan has got much importance, and our equipment ensures right and accurate surveillance that you can monitor any where in the whole world.

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