Techstar Environmental Monitoring Systems

It would be great to have a deep understanding of the environmental monitoring systems. Crops often require certain temperature requirements for their optimal growth and health. Techstar remote monitoring system will keep you update about the temperature, humidity and light around the crops. Our system will alert you if any abnormal condition happen so that you can take precautionary measures on time.

Protect Yields

Receive real time alerts on the go before small issues turn into big, expensive problems!

Low cost and Easy Installation

Unlike the majority of existing solutions, Techstar solutions are affordable and easy to use.

Increase Revenue and Profit

Monitor weather conditions with ease and increase your yield and ROI. 

Save Time and Resources

System will track the conditions and let you know. Stop wasting time and money on it! 

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime! 

Monitor your plants 24/7 via the internet and Android apps.

Techstar Solutions for environmental monitoring systems

  • Monitor Temperature and be alerted if it falls outside the temperature range.
  • Record the relative humidity of the air.
  • Make sure your plants are receiving adequate light.


Techstar provides Environmental Monitoring Systems in Pakistan. Now you can monitor environment temperature & Humidity on your mobile and Pc.



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