Remote Monitoring Systems for Food Services

Maintaining an optimal temperature in food storage coolers and freezers allow companies to keep products fresh. If the temperature happens to fall above or below the optimal range, costly spoilage can occur. From prep coolers to walk-in freezers, Techstar will help you maintain an ideal environment. Receive alerts in real-time should temperatures go outside a set range.

Reduce Spoilage and Waste

Receive real time alerts if a cooler’s temperature is outside of its nominal range.

Save Time an Resources

Automated system tracks temperatures for you, so no more manual checking.

Protect Your Reputation 

There is nothing more valuable than your reputation – make sure it’s protected.

Preventive Maintenance

Be aware of early warning signs that can help prevent cooler failure.

Monitor From Anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere via any Internet enabled Pc or Mobile.

How Techstar Works


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