Remote poultry monitoring systems

Ensure your chickens are kept at the correct temperature and humidity levels day and night, summer and winter. While heat stress is more important among broilers because of their higher fat content, the egg size and quality of your layers can also be negatively affected even at just 29°C. Chicken can’t sweet, so they make up for by panting and drinking more.

remote poultry monitoring

Ventilation of poultry houses is designed to balance the requirements of bird health and growth with energy costs. Like an office building, too little ventilation leads to poor air quality. Too much ventilation raises heating and cooling costs. To balance these variables, farmers typically monitor air temperature and humidity. However, modern farms monitor carbon dioxide levels too.


Like temperature and humidness, proper CO2 levels are shown to extend poultry production. Research shows that chicks digest their food more slowly under high CO2 levels. By the control carbon dioxide, growers will shorten the time it takes to transform the chicks into broilers or laying hens.


Also like workplace buildings, CO2 levels serve as the “canary within the mineshaft” for deciding the full air quality. High levels of CO2 correspond to high levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from manure, and carbon monoxide gas and sulphur dioxide from gas/oil heaters. Like humans, all of those chemicals are often harmful to the health and well-being of the birds.

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Our sensors measure the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. ​Sensors send this information to ​our secure data centre. ​This  data then flows into your personal online dashboard, which shows your current and ​historical temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

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* Sensors track temperatures and other environmental variables. Customer is responsible for understanding regulations specific to their business and determining if ​solutions meet their needs.

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