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Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel Monitoring System enforces the protection of oil throughout its transportation. Oil theft prevention system astoundingly troublesome for thieves to get away with the stolen oil. Different volume measuring sensors find even a minute modification in its level and alert the involved authorities instantly. Through real-time monitoring, an individual can track the quantity of oil in a tanker and might even observe leaks in real time environment.

Application of Fuel/Oil Theft Prevention System

fuel monitoring system

Oil-Theft Prevention from Tank Farms

Refined crude oil product keep in huge tank farms are additional vulnerable towards ignition during theft than the fuel. Our oil theft prevention system offers immediate alerts to authorities just in case of oil is taken, which allow them to stop harmful situations. Our fuel monitoring system will observe decreasing levels of oil in numerous tankers in a tank farm at the same time.

Fuel Monitoring System Pakistan

Fuel-Tanker Monitoring

Fuel monitoring system based mostly sensors hooked up on the tankers surface monitor volume of oil continuously. Any modification in oil’s volume is noted within the variety of sensory information, that is transmitted to an on-site monitoring system as an alert. Our oil theft solution makes sure that the client receives the proper quantity of oil purchased from the provider after measuring the amount of oil within the tanker.

How Techstar Protects Oil From Theft

Around $133 billion value of oil is stolen per annum. Generally Oil thieves are partner with oil-tanker drivers and empty the tanks by transferring into their own tanks. This impacts oil firms drastically. With tank level monitoring, we tend to deliver a whole fuel monitoring system that notifies oil firms about oil stealing as soon as its level is reduced within the tanker. Within oil theft prevention system sensors embedded on tanker observe even the slightest modification in oil level and signals the authorities about oil theft, giving them enough time to catch thieves and secure oil.

fuel monitoring system

Save Time & Money

End-to-end solution

A complete oil/fuel theft solution package comprising hardware and software system capabilities.

Real-time supervision and alerts

Monitor live notifications related to the amount of oil in tankers through real-time notifications.

Customizable software

The centralized dashboard may be customized according to the personalized style of the user.

Highly scalable

Our extremely scalable oil theft solution are often implemented to massive oil tankers fleet.

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System

  • Remove chances of unwanted explosions.
  • Avoid human injuries and reduces health risks.
  • Tension free oil transportation.
  • Remove artisanal refining.
  • Remove any need of manual inspection.
  • Real time view of oil tank levels.
  • Monitor any leak detection.
  • Cost-effective solution with high ROI.
  • Prevent oil spillage and environmental issues.
oil theft prevention system

Oil Theft Prevention System Features

Real-time monitoring and instant notifications

Oil theft prevention system provides immediate real-time alerts of oil-theft, modification in tanker’s oil level, and unwanted stops taken by the driver. The notifications are sent to any or all the involved parties at the same time on the notification panel of their respective dashboard. The period of time monitoring additionally permits live tracking of and share details associated with its speed and live location.

Easy to Install and Operate

Our fuel monitoring system is easy to control and works perfectly on different web and mobile-based applications. we have a tendency to customise our code according to the personalised needs of our clients. By integration it with many dashboards and panels we make certain that it supports multi-functional effectiveness throughout its operation.


Multiple fluid types supported

Fuel monitoring system is compatible with fluids of variable chemical properties. Let or not it’s oil, petrol, diesel, or fuel, our solution works fully fine with completely different crude oil product. Our theft solution may be used for liquids that aren’t related to the oil business like milk and water.



Through geo-fencing, you’ll be able to monitor and check if any tanker enters or exits from a selected space. Alerts are sent to the dashboard once a trailer crosses the virtual geographical boundary created on the maps. With combined usage of geo-fencing and real-time alert system, monitoring and tracking operations become easy.

Real-time Alert System

Get real time alerts on your mobile and pc anywhere in the world. Know various parameters relating to oil level, theft etc with real time history trends.

Historical Data Management

All the historical information associated with oil transportation is keep in a on-site server based application that may be accessed anytime from any device. With the utilization of various analytics feature embedded within the fuel monitoring system, you’ll simply process all the historical information and see them in the form of charts and visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, basic knowledge about computer operation will be enough to use Techstar IOT. However, we will provide you the basic introduction of the software/product and support you with our 24/7 customer support.

Yes, you can access and login from multiple locations with multiple devices. You can also gain access to your account from a smartphone.

Techstar IOT is highly extendable so you can connect multiple tankers with our monitoring system which will base on wireless network.

Our oil/fuel theft prevention solution use sensors that are optimized to check the volume of any liquid. Thus, it can be used for different liquid state products.

Live data related to tanker will be displayed on the dashboard in the form of geolocation, notifications, alerts, etc.

Yes you can fully access the history events in terms of graphical representation and other downloadable formats like CSV, PDF and JPG etc.

Usually implementation of IoT based theft prevention system may take 2 to 4 weeks. However, we’ll try our best to implement it as soon as possible.

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