what is smart home automation

Smart Home automation is all about “Internet of Things”, which is also known as IOT. All home appliances can be controlled via a web application. Smart Home automation has the history to control lighting and simple appliances. Recently, technology has moved forward to control the devices from your finger tip or from voice command. Smart home and home automation are two names of the same technology. 

With the help of home automation, you can dictate a device how to react. You can even set a schedule to determine when the device should turn on and off. Simply, you can control time, money and convenience based on your personal habits. 

New smart home automation can generate alerts and notification at your cell fone when ever any unforeseen events occur. That’s the real beauty of the system which makes you tension free. Electricity failure, Burning gas/smoke detection and water leakage detection etc may be the primary alerts.

You have to simply grab your mobile phone to remotely control  and change the settings in your smart home.

smart home automation defination


Smart home automation is the collection of smart phones and AI communicating to automate your smart home. Although, smart home and home automation are quite interchangeable but some users simply call it smart home automation. 

The technology of smart home uses wifi to increase user experience. Lets say Smart light switches, security systems, electrical appliances and other devices that communicate with one another.

A smart home usually runs by the hub connected to the internet and send signals to other devices for switching.

how does home automation works

Smart Home automation lamp

Smart home products has the ability to control your devices away from home with your smart phone and even with your voice command, saving your precious time and money. Remember your lights can be controlled with a sound of clap!

Some home devices are customizable to your daily routine. For example, if you feel tough to wakeup in the morning. You can set a time to switch on the bedroom light. And also after 5 min delay switch on the washroom light. So you have many options according to your daily routine habbits.


smart home controlled via smartphone

smart home automation through smartphone

Home automation mobile app

Just pullout your smartphone and control any device from anywhere in the world. In a majority of home automation apps, you can set schedules when you are in your smart home and when millions of miles away from home. You have all the access on your home devices.

smart home automation application by Techstar

There is an app for controlling different devices. Home automation application allows you to connect and control your appliances whenever there is a connection.

how does smart home technology works

smart home communication

Smart home technology is based on wireless communication, signals can be sent to devices to make things happen – like pushing a button on a remote control lights or on your smartphone to lid a light ON or turning it OFF. There are many technologies but we use combination of home power lines and wifi connection. 

Benifits of home automation solution

Benifits of Home Automation

If you are in the office and dreaming that when i enter my bedroom the bedroom temperature should be cool then actually you are dreaming of the smart home.

smart home convenience


You can monitor, control and automate just about every devices and appliances within or outside from home. Just imagine to turn on the A.C without getting up.

smart home safety benifits


Home automation solution can also provide security and gaurd to your home. An automated home keeps your property and assets safe and secure.

Smart Home Automation Energy Saving


Home automation works efficiently and saving money on your utilities. It can do tasks simultaneously without thinking. Smart light bulbs save energy but only operating when you need.

smart home customization


Techstar is offering customization options to your smart home. You can set schedules when you would like to turn On or Off the A/C. Tag the lights which you want to be controlled and latch them by your voice commands.

Smart Home Automation in Pakistan

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