Remote Smart Power Monitoring System

Techstar voltage/current measurement sensor is an analog measuring device that measures A.C and D.C voltage and current. System will display all the parameters and trends on personal computers or on mobile devices so that you can keep an eye on running essential parameters.

Maximize Revenue and Profits

Monitor conditions with ease so you can maximize your yields and ROI.

Monitor Anytime, Anywhere!

You can monitor your vital parameters from anywhere anytime 24/7!

Low Cost and Easy Installation

Unlike the majority of existing solutions, Techstar solution is affordable and easy to use.

History and Reports

View complete history/trends of units and get mobile alerts if something goes wrong.

Save Time and Resources

Automated system tracks the property for you, without having to hire staff or do it yourself.

Wireless Freedom

5 – 35KM wireless range, which can easily be expanded.

how techstar works


techstar remote smart power monitoring solutions

Multi-purpose Sensors for any type of Power/Voltage Level

A.C or D.C Current Sensors for Remote Current Monitoring.

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