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IoT Based Smart Water Resource Management

With the water resource management system, you can monitor, control and regulate the usage and quality of water resources and maintain the associated equipment like pumps, valves, etc. Our system has a wide range of software and hardware features like sensors, flow meters, actuators, and web and mobile control which will connect people with water resource management.

Modern Smart Water Technologies

A system for water resource management uses different types of sensors and meters. These sensors are useful for water degrees, humidity, temperature, moisture content in soil, water flow metering and so on. Following are some details of sensors and meters typically used for water management.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor is used to sense temperature and humidity present in the environment. It sends the information to the processor board. 

Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture sensor is used to sense moisture content in the soil. It checks the volume of water content or moisture present in the soil.

Smart Water Meters and Monitoring Systems

Smart meters and monitoring hubs play a key role in

  • Managing water flow
  • Quantity and quality of water supply and river basins
  • Chemical composition in the water after treatment and wastewater
  • The correctness of water consumption
  • Changing level in the storage reservoir
  • Monitor water quality, its Power of Hydrogen (PH) and Total Dissolved Salts (TDS)

Water management technology is very helpful for both water production and distribution.

smart water meters

Automated Water Distribution

With the help of smart water distribution network, you can get the following benefits:

  • Water security against theft.
  • Automatic water supply to the endpoint.
  • Monitor pressure on the pipe in the distribution pipeline.
  • Real-Time data integration.
  • Accurately forecasting demand. 

How does IoT Improve Water Resource Management?

The Internet of things helps the water industry. It consists of a water supply chain, raw water, treatment plants, distribution pipes, etc. Moreover, IoT improves:

  • Transparency to the processes in the water supply chain.
  • Real-time monitoring of parameters to address immediately.
  • Water conservation strategy based on data analytics.

IoT Applications in Water Resource Management

Agricultural Water Management

We provide a sensor-based smart irrigation system. It provides soil moisture information to the monitoring dashboard. This information is useful to throttle the supply of water in an efficient manner. Keeping in view that no more irrigation possible for the safety of land and corps. It enables the user to control the valves from their own mobile or Pc. It helps farmers keep their crops at their ultimate health.

Smart Water Monitoring Solution

Our solution is focused on smart water measurement and quality monitoring. The solution includes sensors, stations, telemetry hubs and software which processes generated data and shows it in the form of graphs. With the help of graphs history, users can make a better decision.

Benefits of Opting Smart Water Management

Smart water management helps to recycle water resources. The impact of climate change and a growing population make water management the ultimate goal. In this respect, water management technologies pursue the following benefits.

  • Ensure a safe and steady water supply
  • Enable flexible billing cycle
  • Fight Non-Revenue Water with data
  • Save money by saving on unnecessary distribution
  • Deal with leakages the intelligent way
  • Match demand-supply via demand forecasting
  • Eliminate the need of manual meter readings
  • Get Weekly Report & Forecast for End-users and Admin
  • Control Water Supply Remotely with IoT Valves
  • Get a Bird-eye view of Water Consumption with Admin Portal
benefits of opting smart water management

We provide utilities around the world with state-of-the-art high-performing remote smart metering solutions, advanced monitoring of pressure and leakages as well as intelligent data analytics. We deliver solutions in all shapes and sizes, but while every project is unique, our starting point is always the same – you, the customer.

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Product Features

smart water resource management webapp

End-to-End IoT Solution

Techstar IoT water resource management is the complete monitoring system. It has the ability to show detailed parameters like water flow and water level measurement. You can also generate monthly water bills. Ideal for housing schemes and towns.

User-friendly Dashboard

The Techstar IoT dashboard is very easy to use. Users can access the information both on the mobile and computer. We have the ability to customize the dashboard according to customer’s demand.


Data Analytics

You will get advanced analytics features which will enable you to monitor water consumption patterns and predict future water demand. You can also optimize the demand-supply of water.


Unlike others, our system deploys on customer premises. As there is no cloud platform, data will be kept safe on the server without internet availability.

Interactive Reports

Our solution allows you to monitor the real-time inflow, outflow, and water level. Ideal for residential buildings, plants, and reservoirs. The users get real-time notifications in case any unusual consumption happens.