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Tank Level Monitoring System

With tank level monitoring solutions, you’ll be ready to remotely monitor liquid level among the tank/reservoir in real time. These solutions enable you to access the fluid level knowledge on mobile phones and desktops. Using these solutions, you’ll be able to manage inventory effectively. The real-time visibility aware you of the times left in existing stock and stealing for multiple locations at a time.

Applications of Tank Level Monitoring Systems

Oil Tank Level Monitoring



Water Tank Level Monitoring



Oil Tanker Monitoring



Weather Forecasting & Modelling

tank level monitoring

Smart Irrigation




Flood Management



Petrochemical Plants Monitoring


Diesel Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

Fuel monitoring system is implementable for each Mobile Fuel tanks also as petrol station and Diesel tank monitoring purposes(distributors/supervisors) to grasp the real-time fuel stock level in their tanks remotely. The solution is scalable enough to cover any size of the fleet. It saves your company time by supplying you with actual fuel dispense. This way, you may be able to optimize your inventory levels.

Water Tank Level Monitoring

Our solution provides you with the real-time insights into your available water within your tanks, with simply a sensor installed on the storage tank. Techstar solution ensures that you just won’t face any issue like water getting spilled out from overhead water tanks etc. You will get alert when your tank is close to get empty or full. The solution additionally allows users to change the threshold limits.

Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

With Techstar, you’ll never run out of water for your irrigation purposes. The real-time insights into your water stock can guarantee your motors never run without water. If the water level goes below the threshold limits, the concerned person will be alerted, and also the motors will be switched off automatically.

Benifits of Remote Tank Monitoring

  • Optimize Demand – Supply
  • Reduce Human Resource Requirement
  • Trace leaks in Real-time
  • Trace fuel theft
  • Monitor hazardous chemical usage
  • Monitor Propane tank
  • Reduce manual operations
  • Keep the costs low
  • Witness no overflow or dry running of water pumps
  • Trace the usage of highly corrosive and acidic substances
Remote tank monitoring

Real-time Tank Monitoring Systems

We mount the ultrasonic level sensor in your tanks. The sensing element senses the gap between the fluid and itself and sends the distance information to a on-site server, where we tend to convert the data into meaningful data (fluid amount within the tanks) and show it on Techstar dashboard.

You can access the dashboards to get real-time data and advanced analytics on your mobile phones as well as desktop. you’ll additionally define threshold limits for your inventory levels, therefore whenever the amount goes beyond or less than pre-defined limits, you get alerts via app, SMS, and Emails.

Tank Level Monitoring Features

End-to-End IoT Solution

We provide the hardware and also the software system that makes us a one-stop shop for level monitoring solutions.

Easy to operate and install

We personalize the solution for you which makes it straightforward to control. All the relevant information will be available on one dashboard.

Accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on distance

Ultrasonic level sensor is extremely accurate and reliable that allows our level monitoring system to measure the level within a tanker/tank very precisely.

Allows remote controlling of pumps

Tank level monitoring supports two-way communication that allows you to not even simply get the real-time data from sensors but additionally control the devices installed (Valves, Pumps, etc.)

Shows the tank levels at a glance

Wireless tank monitoring comes with a centralized dashboard on which you will get all the important information.

Real-time alerts

You will get instant alerts whenever the level of your tank/tanker goes below or beyond anticipated limits.

Real-time monitoring and control

Tank level monitoring provides the real-time liquid level data from the field that permits you to make intelligent business decisions in real-time.

Usage history and Advanced Data Analytics

Historical data combined with advanced data analytics capabilities permits you to identify inventory levels from past and also to predict the future demand.

Works with all type of fluids

Be it water, diesel and fuel tank, or any other liquid level monitoring, tank level monitoring will assist you all of them.

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