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Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Techstar cold chain temperature monitoring features a dedicated infrastructure for the most demanding cold chain transport systems for food, pharma, and different spoilable supply chains. Now, temperatures are measured in precise degrees and correlate with acceptable norms for any given cargo, generating alerts for the driver and different stakeholders once there’s a problem.

Cold Chain Monitoring Intelligent Cold Cargo

Intelligent Cold Cargo

An unbroken cold chain temperature system will track and make sure the quality of products from the manufacturer to end-user.

But cold chains are vulnerable to mechanical breakdowns, traffic delays, theft, human error, and various alternative factors. With a cold chain temperature monitoring system, problems will be handled in real-time. Once you use the cold chain temperature monitoring system, cold shipment becomes ‘intelligent’ due to smart sensors and oversight capabilities.

Smart Cold Chain Management

Here’s how Techstar IoT connectivity will assist you efficiently manage the storage, shipping, and distribution of products that require a temperature-controlled atmosphere, like farm-fresh food or cold chain vaccine that have specific temperature range requirements. Above all can be done with cold chain management.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

In the case of stealing, you quickly can track asset location. This way, even a serious problem doesn’t need to become a catastrophe.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

Alert stakeholders, instantly once there’s damage to the packaging, potential stealing, delay, and more—cutting down on damage and waste.

cold chain temperature monitoring

With the Cold chain temperature monitoring, know the precise temperature of all your shipments, at all times. Monitor and change the temperature settings remotely.

Temperature Data Logger

React quickly to potential problems with a temperature data logger. Not only does this reduce disasters, but it also can help improve your relationship with clients.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

With IoT monitoring and data production, you quickly can discover (and react to) problems that you would not have seen before.

Techstar offerings were designed exclusively for IoT connectivity, ensuring business-specific requirements are met well into the future.

Smart Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System

Food temperature/cold chain monitoring permits restaurant owners and alternative food businesses, like food processing, manufacturers, delivery, and wholesale services to accurately monitoring the temperature of their food storage facilities. Warehouse temperature monitoring can facilitate guarantee proper food safety procedures. Obtaining the right temperature for food storage is crucial for several businesses. Cold chain monitoring solution will work for any business within the food or industry or who serves food to their clients, similar to hospitals, care facilities, and even colleges. Improper refrigeration of food during transportation and storage costs many rupees per year.

Besides the loss of income and food, improper food temperatures throughout transportation, storage, and serving is a risk to public health.

Bacteria growth in undercooked food will result in severe ill health. Better tracking of temperature might facilitate to control food waste, especially because manual temperature monitoring is vulnerable to human error, as well as a failure to record the temperature frequently, or inaccurate measurement.

warehouse temperature monitoring
Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

Iot Food Temperature Monitoring Technology Is Easy To Use

Proper monitoring of food temperature has four components: data collection, communication, data administration, and results.

Data Collection

  • Sensors monitor temperature & humidity.
  • Built-in communication device.
  • Easy to install.


  • GSM connection
  • Transmission of periodic data and alerts
  • Geo-location of the device.

Data Administration

  • Connected device and data storage management.
  • Generation of alarms based on defined rule set.

Results and Visualization

  • Data analysis.
  • Web reports.
  • Smart phone or tablet access.

This technology allows you to:

  • Automatically capture critical temperature points, store them, and visualize on the online web portal.
  • Get SMS/E-mail alerts when the temperature goes beyond threshold set points.
  • Capable to capture data directly from cooling rooms, freezers, refrigerated trucks.
  • Stakeholders will able to monitor past data records. This allows the user to view ranges of data to look for patterns or vulnerabilities in food storage or transport. 

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Benifits

Unparalleled Flexibility

Techstar offers cold chain temperature monitoring connectivity systems with unparalleled flexibility. We have the ability to choose the functions that your business needs.

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Simple Operation

One screen visibility for the entire cold chain monitoring deployment, regardless of the carrier or technology, leads to greater operational efficiencies with less complexity.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

Complete Visibility

Our cold chain monitoring online web portal provides complete visibility a single-pane-of-glass view.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

Complete Connectivity

You’ll benefit from the simplicity of having a single provider for all your connectivity needs, regardless of the number of devices, their location, or carrier.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Pakistan

Cost-Effective Results

We are the pioneer and lowest solution provider for cold chain monitoring in Pakistan. By creating operational efficiencies, you can obtain optimal results and stay on budget.

Cost effective cold chain monitoring in Pakistan