Heating and Cooling Temperature Monitoring System

Heating and Cooling System can sometime be the Ultimate Challenge. Often these systems come with warranty that they will work properly. But Unfortunately, heating and cooling system are constantly at risk and can be costly to repair if not handle on time. Here Techstar comes, Our solution for multiple aspects of your HVAC Systems and will alert you of any issues in real time.

Low Cost and Easy Installation

Despite of existing solutions, Techstar is affordable and easy to use!

Identify and Prevent Problems

Receive real time alerts before small issues turn into big, expensive problems

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

Monitor your assets 24/7 via the internet and Android app. 

Preventive Maintenance

Be aware of early warning signs that can help prevent equipment failure and down time.

History and Reports

View a complete history of conditions in your unit and recieve reports.

Protect your Facility

There is nothing more valuable than your facility – make sure it’s protected.

how techstar works


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