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remote boiler monitoring

Remote boiler monitoring is now possible in Pakistan with Techstar – Smart Solutions. Temperature and Pressure parameters are essential for safe operations of boilers. Our monitor provides real-time performance measurement and integration with analytics that enables you to act upon changes in performance – both on short and long timescales and will notify if there is any abnormality found in parameters. Our remote boiler monitoring system monitors amperes of running feeding pumps to ensure they are up and running, so you can maintain an effective, optimized operation.

Alarm System for Your Boiler 

System failure can costs much if not dealt on an immediate basis. With our alarm notifications feature you are informed via SMS or email if any problem arises with any of the parameters you are monitoring on your boiler.

  • Receive alarm notification, if any problem occurs
  • Avert potential disasters
  • Save time
  • Save money
Remote Boiler Monitoring
Remote Boiler Monitoring System Pakistan

Web Application Analysis

When our hardware and sensors are installed on your boiler you can log in to your account on our web-app and view your boiler data in real-time, anywhere on any device.

Our remote boiler monitoring system web-app, you can see how your boiler is operating, allowing you to identify any deficiencies in your boiler, and make the needed optimizations; saving you time and money.

Save Time & Money

Alarm Notification

Our custom alarms provide notification of failure, so you can deal with the problem immediately.

Reduced Maintenance Time

With 24/7 remote boiler monitoring system, the need for regular maintenance checkup’s is drastically reduced. Just forget to take manual readings.

Boiler Optimization

Our system’s charts and historical data give you the ability to optimize, your boiler’s performance. These optimizations allow for energy savings and as a result, reduce the cost of heating your building. 

Extend Boiler Life

Why purchase a new boiler when you can extend the life of your boiler (up to 7 years) by installing monitoring system for a fraction of the cost.

Remote Boiler Monitoring System Pakistan


Our hardware is installed near your boiler, allow to monitor 24/7. The boiler data is sent to on-premises server-based web-app and will alert you if any issue occurs.


Sensors can monitor boiler temperatures, domestic hot water temperature, boiler pressure, carbon monoxide, moisture, fans and water feed pumps.

Web Application

Our client web-app that allows you to access your data in real-time. Manage your whole facility from one interface, view historical data, set alarms, manage teams, users and more.

Alarm Notification

With our remote boiler monitoring system, Notifications are sent via SMS or email if problems arise with your boiler.

Benifits of Remote Boiler Monitoring

Real-time data

Remotely monitor temperature, pressure, fuel level.

Customized alert messages

Receive prompt e-mail and SMS text alerts in the event of an operational issue.

One solution, complete flexibility

Monitor multiple types of equipment at once, including all boilers, burners, generators and pumps.

Lower Fuel Costs

Optimize boiler operation by achieving system set points.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Know there’s an issue before the customer calls.

Control labor costs

Never again dispatch a technician just to read a gauge.

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